In 1995, my mother and I were visiting from Texas and involved in a terrible car accident. My mother died. She was my best friend and almost 13 years later, I still find it difficult to discuss the accident. I suffered multiple fractures and required 4 different surgeries. The driver of the truck was completely responsible and we knew it was a big case but we were strangers in this town. Although it took nearly 2 ½ years, I received a large settlement. This money cannot mend my heart and I would return it all to have my mother back. I believe many other lawyers could have gotten me the same amount as Abogados America. The money is not what impressed me. It is how I was treated throughout the entire process. After a few weeks, I was able to return to Texas. I called their office many times; probably more than I needed. Every one of my calls returned. I was treated like a friend not like a stranger waiting for a check. Abogados America made a horrible time in my life a little more bearable. C.G. Arlington, Texas.

Last May, Abogados America represented me. I was charged with leaving the scene of an accident. My uncle was positive I was going to jail and everyone in my family said I had ruined my life with a felony on my record. A few months ago, we closed the case. No felony. No jail. He got my case reduced to a misdemeanor and my punishment was court supervision. My record is clean. J.H. Berwyn, Illinois.

My brother was charged with a very serious crime. After he was arrested, the police kept him locked in a little room for 2 days and finally got him to confess and tell them what they wanted to hear. The first time we met the lawyer from Abogados America, he said the most important part of my brother's case is making a motion to get the confession thrown out of court. Last week, that's exactly what happened. The judge ruled that my brother's rights were violated at the Police Station. Even though my brother may probably still go to jail, it will definitely be for much less time. The lawyer did exactly what he said he was going to do. B.A. Chicago, Illinois

The first time I went to see Abogados America was in 1990 for a simple speeding ticket. My family has used the same lawyer ever since. Over the years, we’ve called the office a hundred times for a variety of different reasons about our insurance or other legal problems. No matter how serious the case was or how minor the question, their office always treated us the same way. We have a large family and my wife worries all the time about everything. Somehow Abogados America always seems to make my wife worry less. A.M. Chicago, Illinois.

After the Immigration Judge gave my husband only 90 days to prepare himself to be deported, I lost all hope. With 4 small children, how could I take care of them alone? Back in 1998 the lawyer we had never told us pleading guilty to a small drug charge would stop me from petitioning in my husband. We talked to 5 different lawyers and they all refused to help saying nothing could be done. When we went to Abogados America the lawyer didn’t make promises but he said he would try to prove my husband’s rights were violated. After going to court 6 times with 6 “NO’S” from the State’s Attorney, something happened; the lady judge agreed with our lawyer. The 1998 case was dismissed almost 8 years after he was arrested. I was kind of in shock, but when we took the court paper to our next meeting at Immigration we were told everything was normal. My husband wouldn't be deported. He could stay. C.M. Cicero, Illinois

Last year my wife died of cancer. I believed the hospital did something wrong. I called many lawyers from the phone book. After I explained what happened, none would even give me an appointment. They all said it would be hard to prove. I talked to Alma at Abogados America and she set an appointment for me to come to their office. She asked me to bring all my wife's records. After our interview they said they would need a few weeks to review the documents. Three weeks later, I returned to their office. Unfortunately they explained why there was not a legal case and that the hospital really did everything they could to help my wife. I thank them for taking the time to explain things to me when nobody else would. C.J. Guatemala

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   Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Does it cost anything to discuss my case with a lawyer?

No, absolutely not. Regardless of what type of case, you are entitled to a free consultation. When you come to our office our first goal is to educate. We will confidentially answer questions, review your records and explain your legal rights and the details of how your specific case should be handled. We assure that you will leave our office with a thorough understanding of your situation and confidence in your ability to move forward with your case.

Question: How much will I have to pay for a lawyer to handle my case?

Every case is different. Unless there is a recovery in your case, there are no upfront costs involved in a personal injury, medical malpractice, or workmen’s compensation claim. With Criminal charges or DUI offenses, legal fees are based on the seriousness of the specific situation, the time involved in resolving your case, and the resources needed.

Question: How long will it take to settle my case?

Estimating the resolution time is very difficult. During our first consultation we will have the opportunity to look at similar resolved cases and their duration. Some medical malpractice and personal injury claims may take a significant amount of time to assure the recovery achieved the maximum financial settlement to justify the injury. There are so many different parts of a criminal case or DUI offense, motions that must be filed and hearings in court that must be held. Ultimately what really matters is doing anything and everything necessary to avoid a permanent conviction and keep you out of jail.

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